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“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.”

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Good old meditation, it’s a bit like exercise. If you want to get the full benefits of it you have to stay consistent at it, of course there are loads of benefits of a quick meditation here and there, but to unlock it’s true potential you gotta keep at it. 

Make it part of your daily routine, try picking one of the meditations below that would fit in with your day. Now set yourself a challenge to meditate every day for a 21 days and see how you feel after. You might start to think more before you speak, gain a more rational point of view when dealing with challenges or you could notice your sleep improving. The benefits are endless! 

21 days – sure that’s nothing. 

Here are some ones I like that are really great, especially for beginners, because they are guided… 

Morning  Meditation

10 mins to start your day perfectly (fully guided)

Deepak Chopra 14 mins morning meditation (focusing on breath)

Evening Meditation

Closing your day with gratitude 11 min meditation (relaxing, good for just before bed). Beginner friendly.

Evening meditation with Louise Hay, 27 minutes. Affirmation filled loveliness.

Hangover Meditation

You might laugh at this haha but sometimes hangovers can make you feel really emotional – that good old hangxiety – let this man talk to you for 11 minutes and make you feel better.


This stuff is amazing. The tingles, I feel like I can literally feel my cells all fizzing through my body when I do these classes. This is a good intro – it’s a free class every Wednesday at 6.00pm – Joy of Breathing • FREE Class Online • Soul Dimension

This YouTube one is good for a quick energy boost – 5 mins. Energy Breathwork | 5 Min Breathing to Boost Your Energy Naturally (3 Rounds) – YouTube

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