If you feel like you are behind in life, this is for you. 

find joy
  1. Everyone’s life path is different, it’s genuinely absurd to think that we all need to achieve the same things at the same time in life – or even the same things at all. Just like we all have different tastes in food or what we are attracted too. Everyone’s life path is different. 
  2. You might feel like what you want to achieve is unreachable, it could be just around the corner or it could be coming in 10 years time – but trust it will come when the time is right. 
  3. Maybe you aren’t ready for it right now. If all you want is the perfect relationship and someone to love, perhaps you still have a bit of inner work to do, so you can understand your triggers, work through them and become the better person that your future partner deserves. Or maybe you want that promotion right now but have a few skills that need polishing or have a few small lessons in resilience that life still has to teach you until you are ready for the next steps. It will come :). 
  4. If you see someone else succeed and it brings on a touch of jealousy, it’s just a reminder that you still have steps to take to achieve your goals. Use others success as a motivator – in fact, it’s amazing to see others achieve what you want to achieve. When we see it, it makes it easier to achieve it. 
  5. Do not ever, and I mean ever, use your age as an excuse to not go for something that you really want. Life doesn’t stop because you reach a certain age. I attended a summit with Jack Daly recently and he spoke about running his first marathon at 40 and competing in the iron man competition at 50 (more than once as well). It’s never too late to start. 
  6. Have a think about what is making you feel ‘behind’ in life. Who really set the rules and the threshold for having it all together? Fuck that, create your own threshold and ideology of how you want your life to pan out. It might not always work out the way you had planned but don’t feel under pressure to do something just because it’s the societal norm. 
  7. And finally, the bad news is – one day we are going to die. But the good news is, one day we are going to die! Sounds weird but hear me out. Reminding yourself that one day we will no longer be on this beautiful, eclectic, breath taking planet reinforces its magic. We can get complacent with life and think that we will always be here, repeat the same routines day in day out or we can open our eyes to the amazingness of every day life. Jumping into the freezing cold sea, tasting your favourite foods like it’s the first time, laughing with someone you love. Resharpen your mind to remember this daily. The mundane starts to get a little magic spark when you do – you won’t be here forever.

You are not behind in life, you are life. 

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