Get out of the car, magic is waiting


Get out of the car, magic is waiting…

Day 1 – Travel day

I’ve just woke up and today is the daaaaaay I’m excited but also a wee bit nervous to be honest. I have nearly everything all packed and Debra is kindly picking me up to bring me to the airport soon. I remember as a kid, my family and I would tour every inch of Ireland in the summer in my dads car – so that meant really long drives. I loved it so much I would bring all of my teddies and toys, get loaded up on my favourite snacks and drinks and sit in the back with my sister laughing, listening to music and playing games. I loved the journey so much, I never wanted to get out of the car when we arrived to the holiday home. The car was my comfort zone, everything felt perfect and safe. To this day I still feel like that it’s so weird, I think the feeling of being with everyone you love in a safe place with all of your favourite things is so comforting – too comforting that you don’t want to leave. Now obviously I always got out of the car, and walked into an even more magical situation – beautiful cottages on the beach with my family for weeks in the southern Irish sun, it was amazing.

My point is that comfort is cosy and sometimes we don’t want to leave that feeling but every time we do something magical always happens. That’s how I feel right now. In my head I’m in the cosy car as a kid with my mum dad and sister (home in Belfast with everything and everyone I love), about to get out of the car at the destination – but teeny, tiny part of me doesn’t want too (I’m about to go to a villa for a while in Spain with a load people I don’t know). I’ll not wanna get off the plane but I know when I do, something magical will unfold. I’m EXCITEDDDD but nervous at the same time.

I’m on the plane now at the window seat with the sun blazing in at me and it feels amazing. Isn’t it mad that all the stormy, grey, rainy days are actually sunny if you’re up high enough. Could use the same analogy for raising your vibration eh.

First full day

I woke up to church bells and the sun shining through my window and it was just lovely. I took myself off out on Sunday morning to get some groceries and came home 8 hours later steaming. The shop was closed so I kept walking and seen a little beach shop so I thought, I’ll get myself a beach towel and blanket. Then thought awk, I’ll keep walking to the cathedral and next thing I know I’m on the beach, kitted out with my new beach gear having beers while a girl beside me played the ukulele. That’s my kind of grocery run lol.

Day 2

Today was my first day working and it was interesting, it’s a bit weird feeling like you are on holiday but having to work. It’s been quite good though. On my lunch break I went and met the rest of the people in the villa and then went for a walk to the Mercadonia (it was open this time so no need for a beer detour) which is my favourite thing ever – going food shopping in a different country makes me so happy. Top tier activity. This was essential because all had from I landed in Spain was beer and lays haha. After work we drove to a view point Valldemossa and it was literally breath taking because I hadn’t a puff in me when we got to the view point 😂 serves me right for living off beer the last two days. But anyway back on the straight and narrow, we watched the sunset and had a 0% beer at the top, it was very vibesy. I’m now currently just after cooking dinner watching first dates on Spanish TV, this is my cunning plan to learn Spanish. Life is good.

Day 10

It’s now been a full week and a half of co-living and embracing life in Mallorca and I can officially say I would like to live abroad. Australia has never interested me but Spain and France have a certain je ne sais quoi that intrigues me. Everyone here at the villa is really focused on being successful in business but also embracing life, traveling and making the most of everything. I feel incredibly at home. We have seen some amazing sunsets, sunrises, view points, tapas restaurants and of course sampled the baby Guinness at the local Irish pub, very important to immerse yourself into the culture lol.

The last time I travelled by myself I was doing it to try ‘find myself’ or find happiness externally, but this time I flew out here incredibly happy in myself and the experience has been completely different. I have embraced being stripped back, not relying on make up to fill myself with confidence and as losery (a new word I made up) as it sounds, falling in love with myself again and who I truly am deep down.

I was swinging on my hammock drinking wine and eating croquettes thinking about how people can only truly meet you as deeply as they have met themselves. I often felt that in relationships, the other person didn’t fully know me deep down or know all sides of me and I put it down to me being too complex. I have always been big on self love but there is also the side of self love that includes loving and accepting the not so great parts of yourself. True self love is a lot deeper than I first had anticipated! I have a lot of different sides or layers some might say, but maybe it’s because I was too distracted with life back home and the superficial side of things that I never took time to sit with myself just as I am and love that deeply. Or maybe it just wasn’t my time to feel that but now is. Who knows. But in the last 10 days I have done exactly that – I never knew such a profound experience could happen in such a short space of time. I can look at myself in the mirror with no make up on and genuinely love who is staring back at me.

See, told you something magical always happens when you ‘get out of the car’.

I’m excited to see what the next few weeks entail especially now that I am fully loving, embracing and comfortable with all sides of who Catherine Rooney is. I hope you can experience that feeling too because it is very freeing. I also hope you experience going for groceries and coming home drunk with no groceries because that is also very freeing and fun.

Lots of love, Cat x

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