Your beauty isn’t defined by trends

Catherine Rooney (2)

Do you want the bump on your nose shaved off or filled out to make it less pointy?

Eh neither thanks.

So let me take you back. I was 14, doing things I shouldn’t have been doing like drinking vodka mixed with wkd and smoking Richmond king size with big milly hoops in as per usual. I was running down a street with my friend and we were passing her parents house so we had to crawl, I fell and smashed my nose. I tried to hide it from my parents but they soon found out and got grounded but I told them it wasn’t even sore, was just a wee cut. But it was actually broken and I just let it stay like that, so as I got older I had breathing difficulties out of one nostril. It got to a point where I was pissed off with how hard it was to breathe out my nose so I got referred to the hospital to get it sorted.

I go to the hospital, get all the headshots taken etc and sit down with the consultant. He looks at my pictures and said, “so while you are in getting your airways fixed you may as well get that bump shaved off, or get the tip shaved off so it’s less pointy and straight”. I just stared at him blankly and went eh, wa?  He said awk you know yourself your nose is rather pointy and has a bump in it. Surley you want to get that seen too.

People always made comment on my nose so it was already an insecurity of mine, naturally this made me feel worse when I was starting to accept and love my wee nose. It’s so stupid like my nose is perfect to me now, so perfect that they even make Instagram filters to make your nose skinny and pointy lol. It turns up at the bottom and Botox clinics now offer this as a service called the tinker bell nose. Like literally let that sink in. Depending on what is trendy, your looks can be an advantage or disadvantage to some people. This is where we need to start deinfluencing trends. Your facial features you were born with are not a trend. Just because rich and famous people deam them to be hot or not does not mean that you need to embody that.

I went for a consultation to get braces, the dentist said I had to get my front teeth shaved down so they were all the same length because the shape wasn’t ‘in vogue’. His exact words.

Your body isn’t a trend, your big eyes aren’t a trend, your chiselled jaw isn’t a trend, your small lips aren’t a trend, your big lips aren’t a trend. Don’t let consumerism dictate what is beautiful to you. You were born the way you are because your soul thought it was absolute stunning. Individuality is what is hot, embracing who you are is hot. Own what you have – it may not make the Instagram for you page but it will make the for you page in the life of the people who are meant for you.

All the wee things you think are flaws in your appearance – go show them some love. Chances are they are what make you stand out and be unique to the world. You’re a wee champion.

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