Things change, and it’s beautiful

embracing change

Life changes and it’s beautiful.

Often people can get uneasy with others changing, but I think it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. If we all stayed the same what a weird and boring world we would be in. They say that it’s not those who are the strongest or smartest go far in this world but those who can best manage change.

We are enjoying all of the amazing aspects of life that we are today because of innovation. We need to not be afraid of innovation and change within ourselves and others.

I used to HATE change.

I was so used to everything in my life being the same, solid and comfortable, but now I enjoy it. Apart from when McDonald’s took away the snack wraps and the toffee sundaes. No need for that.

Leaving Primary School, I always thought my Primary School best friend would be my bestie for life. I remember when I got my first graduate job after university and was lucky to join a team of other graduates who were such great craic and so lovely. Then one day half of them were like yes, we are leaving now got a new job and I was literally like huh? I thought we were gonna work together forever lol I just always thought things stayed the same. (Fairly got my eyes opened since then by the way).

Noticing change.

I’ve been feeling a lil change within myself over the last two years and it’s something I’ve give my full attention too and I think that’s why the change has been so prominent in my life. I changed my whole life, growing and evolving from a baby to a toddler, to a child, to a teenager and an adult. But I never noticed or was consciously witnessing the change.

This is the first time I have been blossoming and changing with my own full attention. I’ve been admiring my own strength. The beauty in my reactions. Things that used to often trigger me, I see them as meaningful life lessons (apart from when men don’t put the toilet seat back down and when people don’t indicate haha). Things that used to hurt me and cause me to react negatively, I see them as chances to see the world from a different point of view. Things that have hurt me and any form of hard time or trauma I’ve been through, I look back at it with compassion and awe at how it made me the wonderful, strong and beautiful soul I am today. That might sound a bit boastful to someone who hasn’t made the journey of self-love and self-discovery themselves, but to me it’s the highest form of self-care I’ve ever experienced.

Don’t get me wrong not every day is amazing, and it can be incredibly hard to show up as the best version of yourself when life is throwing all sorts of shit your way. Like, I’m writing this right now just after a phone call that has made me quite upset. I’m sitting with the feelings, acknowledging them, knowing I’ve done all I can do about the situation and taking control of what I can, and that is what’s going on in this present moment (channelling the power of now by Eckhart Tole). I try my best and sure that’s all you can do isn’t it.

Anyway, back to the blog. I now love my body, my mind, my being. I am home to me, and it is the most wonderful place to be. I hope and wish this for absolutely every human being on earth. I hope you can be by yourself and laugh, have a geg, have fun, embrace the most precious time of knowing and being your true authentic self and loving every inch of it.

The Change Butterfly

As I said, this year has been a real prominent one for change and something I’ve noticed is that butterflies are literally stuck to me! When I go out for my walks there’s either one following me my whole journey, or one landing on me. One even flew into my house, a bright yellow one and sat on my finger for ages. I was leaving my house last weekend and spotted this realllllllllllly chonky furry caterpillar 🐛 crawling up my front door. This weekend I noticed that it had set up a cocoon on my doorbell, preparing to turn into the most beautiful butterfly. I see this as symbolism for the change I’ve been going through these last two years. Cheesy I know but it do be like that lol.

You should be so proud of yourself.

All of the above is me being proud of myself, to let you know that it is most certainly something you have to speak about and acknowledge. Think of all the absolute shite life has thrown at you and how you pushed through it. You’ve changed and change is good. Don’t fear it!! You ten years ago wouldn’t have been able to deal with all the balls you have now. You are smashing it and will continue to smash it. WELL DONE YOU!!!!! Do something today to recognise that. Say I am proud of myself out loud, think it, write it down in a journal, tell your granny, just do something to actualise your proudness.

I am proud of you. I’m manifesting that everyone reading experiences this.

You are outstanding and it’s time to start believing and being that. Sending the most euphoric, high vibrational vibes known to mankind ✨💫

P.s did you know that the vibrational frequency for someone expressing love and gratitude outweighs someone expressing hate. So something we can do to try change the world is vibrate at a higher frequency, which will help raise the frequency of the earth, which will help override the not so nice frequency in the world. And you can be part of that change, how cool is that!!

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This wee blog is dedicated to my cousin Daniel.

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