Big girls & boys DO cry

big boys and girls do cry

“Big girls don’t cry”

“Don’t be a wuss”

“Catch yourself on, there’s worse going on in the world, you should be grateful for what you have”

Common phrases you have probably heard growing up and in everyday life. There is even a song written about it – big girls don’t cry. Well, I’m here to tell you that we do cry, boys, girls, men, women, gender fluid, young, old, whatever you want to call yourself – we ALL cry and it’s literally essential. 

If it’s coming up, it’s coming up to go. 

This is an indigenous saying in Shamanic culture and I think we can all benefit from this wee phrase. We tend to be really afraid of our emotions and afraid that certain things are coming up. This sentence completely switched my viewpoint on crying and expressing emotions. Sometimes when those sad or difficult thoughts and feelings rise to the surface, instead of trying to suppress them think of it like this – the feelings are rising to the surface so they can leave, if you push them back down they only stay with you longer. If it’s coming up, it’s coming up to go – feel the freedom in that!! It’s coming up because it’s on its way out – give it permission to leave don’t keep it locked up like a wee gremlin living inside you.

I was on my way to Tescos last night and started feeling really sad, couldn’t pinpoint why at that moment in time (sometimes it takes your conscious mind a little longer to come to terms with something the subconscious mind is feeling) and just kept saying wow right don’t cry, trying to push the feeling that was coming up, back down. This happened a few times and then I was grand. The next thing I know I’m in Tescos cheese aisle and the tears start trickling down, and no I wasn’t crying cause I forgot my Clubcard, it was the emotions rising back up from earlier. If I had listened to my body and let myself have a cry in the car then that wouldn’t have happened. 

I know it sounds a bit wacky but harbouring those emotions and not releasing them can cause physical issues in your body too. You need to release them, the negative energy will travel and store itself somewhere in your body. If you are one of those people who can’t cry then release it through physical exercise, yoga, meditating, journaling, singing, being creative, talking about it – whatever works for you, just don’t brush it under the carpet for another day. You always hear the yoga teachers saying we store a lot of trauma in our hips which is why when you do certain poses you can get a rush of emotion as it’s releasing. Get Shakira on or do a bit of twerking haha get the hips moving. 

Finally, whenever people use the phrase – sure it could be worse etc (guilty of saying it myself), don’t let that make you think that you can’t be upset over small things. All of your emotions are valid. Just because the world is in turmoil doesn’t mean that you can’t feel hurt about smaller things, they could be big things to you in your world. 

Now go and have a big gurn 😆

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