Your guide to an internal glow up part 1

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Glowing up on the outside is fab, but having an internal glow up is transformational. And in my opinion the best transformations are the ones you can’t see, the transformation that comes from within and makes your aura glowwwwww so much that everyone in your presence can feel the lovely vibes coming off you. That’s winning for me. So here we go! 

Gossiping is for low vibe people.  

Quit the unnecessary gossiping and judging. It’s not cool, it doesn’t make you look cool, in fact it’s a sign of insecurity. If you are happy within yourself you wouldn’t feel the need to make fun of others to make yourself feel better. It can actually make people around you feel uncomfortable too! That friend that always points out stuff like “Why is that wee girl wearing a backless crop top she’s too fat”, that friend is probably insecure about their own body. It can be quite awkward at times too so a good way that works is to gently nudge the conversation in another direction. 

Of course we can all make fun of people and joke around, but just think twice before you do it, is it really necessary? Can you maybe think of other ways to make people laugh? It keeps your vibe low, we don’t want that, we want lovely high vibes that radiate love and self assurance. 

Don’t be afraid to congratulate people. 

Recognise and support others happiness and good fortune. Isn’t it great to see people doing well? I absolutely love it. I love seeing people do well at work, starting their own businesses, becoming confident in their own skin, doing well at the gym, passing exams, getting themselves out of a dark hole, getting over a break up, making a 10/10 meal – love seeing it all. Spread the love and appreciation when you see people do well. It feels really good! We don’t do jealousy over here! 

Have boundaries. 

Look at your life and figure out where you need to implement boundaries.

Don’t be afraid to tell someone that you don’t have the mental capacity to take on their problems if you are not feeling up to it at that moment in time. Yes we all need to be there for friends and family but if you are finding it hard dealing with your own emotions don’t be afraid to say that you need a bit of space. Just like they say on the airplanes put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. Your friends will understand. 

Confidently and truthfully say “yes” or “no” and be ok with it when others say “no” to you. Quit people pleasing!!! 

Self love 

I know I really melt on about self love but I can’t write a blog on having an internal glow up and not mention it. You will never have this version of your self again. Ever. Slow down and spend time with yourself, enjoy this period of your life. Start that new hobby that you’ve been to afraid to sign up for, switch up yourself talk to include empowering affirming sentences about yourself, if you look in the mirror and don’t like what’s looking back at you – throw the mirror out until you love yourself from the inside out. 

Do you ever wonder what life would actually be like if we didn’t have mirrors omg. 

We are more than just our bodies. In fact the most beautiful part of us is our soul (in my opinion anyway). You can read my previous blog on self love here.

And finally, hydrate. You can’t glow if your shrivelled up like a prune with dehydration. Drink your water bestie x.

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