Don’t let people put you off.

Don’t let people put you off.

I recently saw a post on social media about people making fun of a kid for playing under 12s rugby, comments said he was too big/fat/unfit to be playing rugby and it actually made me emotional. The amount of people out there who are too afraid to do what they want because of the judgement of others is awful. Now the response this kid got from the top rugby players in the world and the teams was heart warming and something I really resonated with and wanted to write about. 

There is nothing more wonderful than someone starting out a new hobby, gym class, team sport, dance class, park run – literally anything for the first time. How amazing is it that they are full of courage to give something brand new a go. 

People can be quick to laugh at new comers in a gym etc, maybe they are using a machine wrong or lifting the lightest weights on the bench and struggling or maybe they don’t have the swanky gym gear on, but all of that doesn’t matter, what matters is they showed up. Everyone starts somewhere and those who look on and laugh at the newbies must have forgot the day they started out too. 

Make a point of making new people feel included and comfortable. If you have never been one of those shy newbies then you might not think that people need a little extra friendliness or encouragement. But as an ex-shy person (lol) I know that those little smiles, hellos, free seats beside people, people remembering your name and people including you in stuff makes the WORLD of difference. Mean girls era is no longer cool and hasn’t been for years, being kind and lovely is cool. 

When I joined Gaelic last summer everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I was shite at it like but they still encouraged me and gave me a pass during a match even though they knew it would go the opposite way lol. Same with Belly Dancing, I joined that last October I think and again, everyone was so incredibly welcoming. Took me a while to get the hang of it but the ladies in my class were so supportive. It makes all the difference. I’ve always wanted to start salsa dancing but thought no way I would be so bad I’d be so embarrassed but that’s next on my list now. Moral of the story is make the effort to make new people feel welcome. 

You deserve that spot starting out in the rugby team just as much as the pros, the space at the squat rack just as much as the crowd of beefed up gym bros, the front row spot at dancing class just as much as the regulars and the spot in the Gaelic team even though you don’t know the rules. 

Your short time on this earth shouldn’t be dictated by the silly insecure thoughts and actions of others. Stop holding back, your old, wrinkled, happy and fulfilled self will thank you for it ❤️ 

Go start that new thing you’ve been putting off. 

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