“Age is only a number” so why did you all do my head in about turning 30!

Age is only a number

Age is only a number, yea that’s true but sometimes that number can freak the sh*t out of you. I remember the run up to my approaching 30th, I was grand, didn’t think much of it and then boom. In come the classic sayings like “the big 3-0 coming up oooooh can you believe it”, “how does it feel to be leaving your 20s behind” “when I was your age I had a husband, 5 kids and our mortgage nearly paid off!” Well maybe you did Shelia but can you noooooot like you’re freakin’ me out man. 

That’s when I started panicking about entering a new decade. I was happy with how my career was progressing but thinking wow I should have achieved a lot more by 30. I was so happy with where I was in life but started thinking wow are people gonna think I’m weird, the fact that I am turning 30 and I don’t have a husband or any kids. That was the thought that made me laugh and say right catch yourself on. I made my 30 things to achieve by 30 list and that took my mind off the stupid questions I had let sink into my head. I was then too busy trying to find a skateboard and getting someone to sing it’s all about you by McFly to me (shout out to my sister and family for pulling this last thing on my list off for my birthday video 😂).  

When I thought of 30 year olds when I was fresh in to my 20s I imagined really old people, maybe not having much fun because you were too consumed with bills, raising kids, all that kind of stuff, which was so naive of me, getting older and having a family doesn’t stop you having fun. I did not for one second imagine 30 the way I am living it now. I don’t feel 30, but what is it even supposed to feel like, does anyone know? I know everyone says this but in my head I am literally 21/22, and I’ll back myself here and say I do not look 30 😂 even the off-licence staff agree so I have proof alright 🤣. 

I’ve always felt like a bit of a Peter Pan job, extremely young at heart, I wasn’t sure if I would ever fully grow up and become a mature old lady. I would sit and have conversations with friends like what is the best model of washing machine to get or discussing recent events in the news but in my head I’m thinking – holy fuck I can’t wait for this conversation to end, wonder is there anything new I can add hot sauce too that would taste unreal or I’ll look at the ends of my hair and wonder what age I was when it was at the top of my head 😂. I love deep conversations about life and weird stuff but have never been a lover of small talk. Remember when you would go shopping with your mum and she would stop and talk to literally everyone – it’s those conversations I really don’t do. You are def getting curved by me in Tescos like 🤣. 

I would say I’m now a really wise, semi-mature Peter Pan. Turning 29, but mainly 30, was the real peak of my emotional maturity, in fact in the 6 months that I have been 30 (shout out to my half birthday party at the beach last month lol) I’ve really enjoyed this extremely deep, intriguing exploration of my inner self. Pardon my French but it has f*cking amaaaazed me. Why did I not learn all of this cool stuff about myself years ago!!! Actually I wasn’t ready to learn it all back then, but now, it’s the most beautiful internal journey that I feel blessed to be able to experience. See – semi mature. I felt like something just clicked and I figured who I truly was (still a lot more to discover and that’s the exciting bit). But all of this has nothing to do with turning 30, this was just my time to have some self realisations, people have them at all ages. It’s got nothing to do with age it’s just about where you are at on your timeline of life, maybe there’s a few more things you need experience in life before it happens to you if it hasn’t already.  

What I’m really trying to say with this blog is this:

  1. Don’t shit yourself about turning 30, it’s a blessing to get into this decade. So many people have told me it was their favourite decade in life and I’d well believe that. In your 20s you can get too caught up in what others think, and your also going through a lot of growth too so it can be a confusing decade even though it is seriously fun. 
  2. I’ve said this in a few previous blogs but we are all on our own timelines. Age is just a measurement from the moment you were born, it does not justify that you need to be at a certain stage in your life. WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! How on earth are we all supposed to be at the same stage in life at the same ages.  
  3. Don’t let your age stop you from having fun or doing what you really want to do. Try have a little Peter Pan in you too! Jump in the hot tub at a family event with your clothes on cause your nephew asked you too, fire down the kids slide, make forts (100000/10 this is actually even better as an adult cause you can drink beer in your fort) just reconnect with some of the stupid fun stuff you would do as a kid, not even joking it’s still all fun. 
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others the same age as you. Mary might be married with kids to her childhood sweetheart but sure she might be bored out of her tree and have a fake plenty of fish account to get a thrill. Lisa might look all flashy in her Range Rover and director job title but she could be lonely af when she gets home from work. If Lisa was real I would actually go to her house with beers to make a fort I feel sorry for her and I made her up hahahahaha. Anyway you get what I mean, grass ain’t always greener and all that. 
  5. 30 year olds are elite. 

Feel blessed for making it to the age you have, some don’t get to. Let’s make the most of it 🙂 

Lots of love your favourite 30 year old who doesn’t look 30 🤣🤣xx 

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